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Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Leonardo Paula de Souza (UFAC) on 04/10/2021

Theme: Irrigated Agriculture in the Western Amazon

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Gabi Nunes Silva (UNIR) on 04/17/2021

Theme: Statistical and Computational Intelligence approaches in prediction studies

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Carlos Antonio da Silva Junior (UNEMAT) on 04/24/2021

Theme: Monitoring the evolution of soy in the Amazon biome and its influence on carbon sequestration via orbital sensors

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Henderson Silva Wanderley (UFRRJ) on 05/01/2021

Theme: Impacts  of urban forest degradation in the microclimate of cities

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Rafael de Ávila Rodrigues (UFCAT) on 05/29/2021

Theme: Weather forecast and its importance to society

Lecture given by Dr. Claudio Aparecido de Almeida (INPE)  on 05/06/2021
Theme: Monitoring System of Brazilian Biomes

Lecture given by Prof. Natalia de Oliveira Melo (UFPE)  on 06/12/2021
Theme: Teaching, Research and Extension at UFPE-CAA: a cut of the Degrees during the coronavirus pandemic

Lecture given by Dr. Catherine Torres de Almeida (INPE) on 06/19/2021
Theme: Integration of hyperspectral remote sensing and LiDAR data for the characterization of forest disturbances and biomass estimation in the Brazilian Amazon

Lecture given by Dr. Marianna Rodrigues Santos (WCF) on 06/26/2021
Theme: First step to manage your time and develop your personal and professional life

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Douglas Lindemann (UFPel) on 07/10/2021
Theme: Climate responses in South America related to variations in the Atlantic Ocean under different climatic periods

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Eliete dos Santos Sousa  (UFAC) on 07/24/2021
Theme: The role of Amazonian aquatic ecosystems in carbon emissions into the atmosphere

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Jéferson Prietsch Machado (FURG) on 07/31/2021
Theme: Storm Tracks in the Southern Hemisphere

Lecture given by Dr. Dr. José Guilherme Martins dos Santos (INPE) on 08/07/2021
Theme: Active Fire Detection Monitoring System of the INPE Burning Program

Lecture given by Prof. Dr.  Rodrigo Hipólito Tardin Oliveira (UFRJ) on 08/21/2021
Theme: Ecology and Conservation of whales and dolphins in the state of Rio de Janeiro: challenges and opportunities

Lecture given by Prof. Dr.  Marccos Gervasio Pereira (UFRRJ) on 09/11/2021
Theme: Soils of Brazil: Genesis, occurrence and main limitations to use.

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Enock da Silva Pessôa (UFAC) on 09/18/2021
Theme: Indigenous peoples and national society in the South Western Amazon

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Marcel Carvalho Abreu (UFRRJ) on 10/02/2021
Theme: Intensity-duration-frequency relationship in Brazil: methods of obtaining and perspectives

Lecture given by Coord. of Research Léo Nascimento (ICMBio/PNI) on 10/16/2021

Lecture given by Occupational Safety Engineers - Fabrício Nogueira Gonçalves and Carlos Henrique dos Santos on 11/06/2021
Theme: The evolution of fire safety: What Brazil needs to develop to increase the level of safety in buildings

Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Mendelson Guerreiro de Lima (UNEMAT) on 11/20/2021

Lecture given by Master's student in Psychology Mara Dantas Pereira (UFS) on 11/27/2021
Theme: Strategies for dealing with psychological repercussions during the COVID-19 pandemic

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